looking at a change of pick-ups and got confused...

how difficult is it to replace my current piece-of-****-manufacturer-standard pickups??

with active (i presume?) EMG pickups (81/85 etc.) the company quotes battery life to be 3000 hours...
are the batterys left on even while your not playing?
or is a case of taking the lead out switchs them off or that sort of thing??

also... how easy is a battery change on them??

Help would be hugely apprieciated
As far as i know there only on when its plugged in. And as long as the back plate of your guitar is easy access then changing battery is easy access =)
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Pretty simple install and with a big enough control cavity you can fit a battery in with no issue. I was able to stuff two batterys and an extra switch in mine.

When the guitar cable is unplugged the battery is disconnected.
yo I've been using my EMG's for about 4 years in two of my guitars. First of all I didn't replace the pickups on my gibson but they are the same to install as a passive pickup. aqbout the battery life the battery is only in use when you have a cable attached to the guitar. And lastly where I have my batteries in my guitars it take about 30 seconds to change them.Also I've had them for 4 years and only switched out the batteries on each guitar only once.

Hope that helps
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They are only active once you plug a cable into them. Therefore, every time you are done playing/practising whatever, just unplug the cable, and you will easily get 3000 hours.
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