Poll: How many picks do you own?
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1 - 5
13 18%
6 - 10
13 18%
11 - 20
15 21%
21 - 30
15 21%
31 - 40
2 3%
41 - 50
1 1%
14 19%
Voters: 73.
I own way too many..

WAYYY too many..

Just under 60.
The pick gnomes quake in fear at the sound of my voice.
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i've got 7 dunlop 1mm picks. i lose em all the time and end up buying a new pack every month or so.

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right now i have 12. i go to sam ash every 2 or 3 months a buy a ton of them but end up losing them or wearing them down.
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I always wear 2 picks around my neck incase a guitar is magically thristed into my grasp.
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its gotta be the Jazz III
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When I first got my guitar, the guy I bought it off of had like 30 jars full of .71's, and he gave me atleast 100, I never even broke one 5 years later (although I broke alot of the 1mm's that I bought over the years, I jsut use .71's now).. On top of that I got 5 finger picks, and a bunch of wierd ones, like 3mm, .30 mm (for real), etc.
I think I have a couple of 12 packs laying around....
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How many can I find in my appt? Two one of which my dog chewed up so its now "custom." How many were last seen in my appt, so are probably still there SOMEWHERE? Hundreds.
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I have 100s of different picks. I throw away or give away tons of them. My friends & I get them at NAMM every year. Dozens of different companies give away 1000s of picks with all different designs, in different shapes, thickness, size, & graphics. Some exhibitors even sell "collectible" picks at 7-11 stores (but give them away at NAMM)! Even got a few picks from Yngwie this year (gave them to Gabel & Erock). I save ones that have pics or graphics that I like, & play with whatever standard shaped thick pick that I grab. Always keep 4 or 5 picks in my pocket.

EDIT: ^ to the dog-chewed custom picks!
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I keep a glass bowl full of them. pick one out of the bowl whenever I want one, then once a month or so, collect about 30 of them that were strewn about my place and put them back in the bowl.
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I must have had at least 20, but at one time or another, I lose most of them. Generally I stick to Dunlop .88mm.
I dunno how many I have - never really counted... but I know I have a lot because I'm always buying picks or people leave picks here or whatever.

I probably have a couple hundred in my "pick graveyard" - its just a massive pile that contains all of the old, worn out picks that are unusable.
i dont think you can have 'too many'.... even though i have about 20 dunlops... i can never find them!
I buy 5 every few weeks then lose them in the process of gigging, I currently have 3....I think...
About 30 but i have blink 182 ones =D

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80+ I have way to many!!!


I only use like 10 though.
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