i like'em. the have a good "old school" sound.
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"Candy Lady" opens with a very catchy hard rock riff and the bass sounds great when it comes in. The singers voice fits the music well and the drums sound really good too though I think there should be some more interesting fills in the song. Overall everything seems to be a good mix but the solo should be louder.

I don't really like how everything cuts out suddenly - it feels like the entire song has changed, but I do really like the change in dynamics. I don't like the sound of the guitar when it initially comes in then, but I do like the scream coupled with the pick slide (I believe that was a pick slide) and the solo afterwards. I like the transition back into the original riff - it sounds really nice. I think the song could be a bit shorter to ensure that the average listener doesn't lose interest but other than that it was a good track.

Next, I really like the intro to "Adair". Adair is actually the last name of my first girlfriend ever...strange. Anyways, I don't really like how everything gets heavy and goes back to being softer though. The vocals sound great during the soft part and the louder part sounds great when the vocals are there, so the second time it does that it sounds really good. The guitar solo sounds really good, and it fits pretty well though it ends at a kinda odd place. I like how the bass keeps going though - it's really smooth and the drumming sounds great at this point too. However, I'm not really a fan of the ending.

"West Grace" is probably my favourite track so far. I like the tone of the guitar and the vocals fit really well. Overall, it's a nice sounding song but I think it goes on for too long (especially for the average listener).

I don't really like how "Belly Of The Beast Starts" but once the vocals come in everything starts to sound a lot better. The guitar part after each line sounds really good. I don't really like the guitar solo or the bit right after after the solo - that part doesn't fit well there at all.

"Real Nation" has some of the best and worst vocals I've heard in all your songs. Also, I quite liked the solo - good stuff!

I recommend on working on the transition between different parts in your songs. Most of the time you seem to jump from one thing to the next and it doesn't flow well at all. Other than that I would recommend working on writing leads that fit the song better. Overall, pretty good stuff - very listenable.

If you've got a chance check out my acoustic project and let me know what you think (link in sig).
^^ What this guy said. Your songs are way too choppy. Candy Land is okay, nothing mind blowing though, standard rock song. Adair could be good, I don't like how it switches from soft to some crazy hard riff immediately. I think combining the soft part of Adair with West Grace and getting rid of the metal part in Adair would be a good idea. Belly Of The Beast, meh, another standard rock tune. Also some weird slowing and speeding up that makes it sound kind of off. The last one is alright, but still has that generic rock feel of like KISS, AC/DC, and such to it.

I don't know, your music just seems really... ordinary, and a little undeveloped. I've heard dozens of bands in my area, most younger than you guys who make relatively the similar rock music. I feel like you guys are marginalizing melody in favor of run of the mill hard rock riffs. Sorry if that bums you out, but I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass.

I wouldn't call you guys the return of real rock n roll just yet.
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