Wow, there's quite a hype for this amp! I can't believe I've overlooked it.

I have a 60watt HRDeville, which is obviously a bit too loud for bedroom use, and I also have a Microcube. So, I have two amps; one's too powerful, one's too ****ty, and I've been looking for a middle ground amp that I can use in the bedroom without knocking the paintings off the walls, and actually sounds decent, unlike my Cube. I'd also like it if I could carry it places

Is this amp the holy of holys that I've been looking for? What are your opinions of this thing?
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Get an attenuator for your current loud amp. I don't recommend buying another amp just to play quieter.
I think the SuperChamp is a great little amp. Almost got one myself.

Not to create any unnecessary buzz (or buzz kill) but for some reason about a week ago, they (Fender) took that and the VibroChamp off their web site. Not really sure why.
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I played on a Super Champ XD for about 45 mins @ the local Guitar Center - some of the Voicings were "fair" but all in all I wasn't really impressed. The TRUE TUBE SOUND comes from the CLEAN channel (no effects) and it has to be really cranked up to hear the tube sound... The rest sounded like most HYBRID modelers to me - a bit too digital.
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
The clean channel 1, (while yes it does sound very good) is simply amp model #4 on channel 2. "Voiced for blackface clean tone"
I have the amp and it says so in the manual. And you can run the FX on either channel.
And it's actually more like 20 watts than 15. People have taken the amp under the microscope and measured everything.

Damn loud too. I replaced the speaker and it's damn sweet sounding. Will be getting a 2x12 cab before my gig next month.

Here's a decent clip showing the voicings.

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I gig with mine bought it to replace a blues deluxe which was just too big to lug around at gigs very sweet little amp and cheap.

The bassman setting #Voice 2 is sweet