I'm a beginner asking for the help of all you guitar heros! I found a song i'd like to learn but can't find the chords anywhere on the internet. I'm sure it's pretty easy, but I can't figure it out. Can someone watch this youtube video and get the chords and post them on ultimate guitar. I've written out the lyrics to make it easier on you (hope they are right) Thanks yall!



necessity has changed me in one second
its made me question everything I have
world revolves and I evolve to something
without meaning
all i really need
is a message with a smile

to know that i'm sstill breating
i pinch myself not dreaming
i wrestle with the demons all last night

And I know that I'm still breathing
I pinch myself not dreaming
without your voice don't recognize my life,

sing my soul I know i'm being selfish
our lives will only murder someone's heart - hit hard
Enter something real of which i'm certain
suppose were prefect world
of seeing enough to start
you could try googleing it mate and see what comes up...ill have a go at tabing it as soon as i hear the song!!
Music...Enough said.


Such is life.....