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Day Person?
7 12%
Night Person?
50 88%
Voters: 57.
Simple question, do you like to be up early in the morning or do you like to stay up late into the night?

For me I'm a night person I really don't like being up in the morning so I stay up 'til 2ish and then sleep in until 12-1.
Night fo'sho'

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night person........ im usually up till about 630 am sleep till about 400 pm up all night
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I'm kinda both day and night type person since I get up at 9am and go to bed at 1am
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why go to bed at like 10 pm

besides all the decent uncensored tv and porno aintt on till late
I'm actually a day person. I go asleep around 12 and wake up around 9. It maybe because I go do my grocery shopping in the morning, and there's usually nothing on TV at night.
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Too Many to list.
Night... I guess. I stay up 2:30 - 3 and wake up at 9.
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Well, for football I have to be up at 6:00 AM to work out. I get out at 8, and sleep until noon. On football nights, I'm always in bed by midnight. But on nights that there isn't football the next morning. I usually stay up until about 3 AM and sleep probably until noon.

Of course, my school schedule, I wake up at 7 AM, stay awake all day, bar Algebra, and go to sleep around 11-12.
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Night, motherfucker, do you enjoy it?
Im an insomniak. so neither really. I enjoy staying up late though.
Well, there is the opportunity to rock and roll all night...but everyday also brings the chance to party...so really, it's anyone's call.

(In the words of Blue Oyster Cult, "I love the night.")
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I can literally stay up till 2 in the morning then wake up at 7 and be totally fine. Though I only really like to stay up really late when I'm with friends
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