I have a fender Starcaster i want to take the pickgaurd off and put a clear plexiglass one on and add lighting inside..anyone ever tried this guide me through it?
Um...seems like that would add a lot of hum if you ask me but what do I know. I've seen it done before. Now I'm curious. Is this guitar for playing or for showing?

also, do me a favor, and take the pick gaurd off and take some pictures of the inside cavity. That will help us determine what the routing situation is underneath.

I'm also curious as to the type of wood it is made of.

im sorta new to guitars its for play. i took the screws out but the pickgaurd dint want to come out so easy i dont want to mess up the wiring is it safe just to take it out or wut im not sure
just leave it alone.

chances are there isn't much slack to the grounding and/or input wires.

you would need to desolder 3 wires to take it completely off.

edit: I meant to add you will figure all that out in time - just not something for a beginner to do on their one and only guitar.
DPV is right to some degree. However, it also depends on how strat-like this is underneath. If it is anything like mine you can take the pick up out of pick gaurd and remove pick gaurd without unsoldering anything.

I've searched on info on the Starcaseter and I can't find much so a pic tells a 1,000 stories. Won't hurt you to at least look and take a picture.
i got the pickgaurd off and everything but the new issue is theres not much room to work with theres only holes or slots for the pickups the rest is closed in idk if i got a clear one if itd look good or not my other thread i made on accident has same topic i explained it more on that one