I have a fender starcaster i want to take the mirror pickgaurd off and replace it with a clear one and add some kind of lighting. anyone who had done this guide me through it?
that'd be sick
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it wont let me look through them i think my computer has issues i go to click on the model thats close to mine nothin happens
that was my original plan i was jus gonna buy or go to my town hardware store have them copy my pickgaurd onto plexi glass and then i can put it on but im not sure of the process....i took out all the screws and the pickgaurd doesnt want to just come off and i dont want to mess with the wiring caz im new and not sure how to go about this
pickgaurd is off but i found out theres really no place inside to put lights in its all mostly wood

jus spaces for the pickups and a lil gap in between is it
you could route out some of the wood. like make it a universal route type thing.

see the strat replacement bodies section here if you dont know what im talking about.
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i dont quite understand wut the pickup routing thing means the s s h one looks closest to mine
the problem im having is if i had a clear pickguard on it most of the wood would be showin because theres only holes for the pickups idk if it would look good just like that... another issue is how and where do i get the light for it and how do i power it without having to take the whole pickguard off to change the battery and things like that if i mount a switch do i have to drill a hole in my guitar alot of things i could do wrong
i meant cut away the wood to make yours look like the universal rout they have (DEFINITELY research this if you don't know how....)

as for lights... you could use leds with a 9v. possibly get one of those battery boxes (used a lot with active pickups). you would most likely have to do some type of drilling/etc to get this to work.

If you're gonna go through with this, then PLAN ahead. a lot. otherwise, whatever, dont worry about it
Fender MIM HSS Stratocaster
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ic wut u mean now as for me doing it idk id rather someone who knew what they were doin do it or maybe buy a cheapie off ebay and expierement wit that one first
sometime soon im getting a gibson sg standard its tight as hell then il expierment with this fender
cheap one off ebay isn't a bad idea. Just make sure you read up/ask a lot on what you're about to do if you're not sure, even if it's "only for practice."

finding scraps of wood to play with might be a good idea if you wanted to get a feel for the tools.
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ya good idea. after i carve out the inside does that effect the sound on the guitar?
Maybe? I'm no master of tone by any stretch of the imagination. lol.

If I had to guess, I'd say no, or very little. But take that with a grain of salt =p

If that worries you, you could get creative and just carve out small "trenches" for the wiring/lights instead of routing out one big chunk. Just an idea
Fender MIM HSS Stratocaster
Some random Yamaha acoustic
VOX amPlug AC30