Hey guys-I've been playing guitar for a month or two now and most people are impressed (although any person who doesn't paly guitar is easily impressed arent they?) Anyways I've been working a bit lately and gathered a sum of around 300$-400$ to spend.

Naturally im going to spend it on what i enjoy-guitar. I'm improving from a starcaster guitar and a transtube 258 efx amp.

My question is-what should i improve and with what little i have. I'm wanting to aim for a Hawthorne heights sound (Like the chorus of saying sorry, you know?)

But whatever works.

my suggestion, play longer to know if you will stick it out, you only have been playing a few months. So spending money on gear right now might not be the best thing. But might look at a new guitar?
I'm not worried about persistance-i've played other instruments as well. (this will be 5 years in music)
id play longer if i were you, but just so you can know more about what guitar and effects and amp you want, because getting gear for such a limited tone range is a bit foolish for such a beginner
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for just guitar i'd say look into epiphone. they are pretty cheap and sound good. try the g 400 i think it's around 300. as far as amps go you should stick with a good solid state amp. maybe look at good used ones. just don't get a mg.
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well why dont you just get what the hawthorne hights guitarists use? (i wanna say sg's?)
but go epiphone
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well I googled what casey used to use but all of it came up from things about is death. And i was thinking epiphone as well and maybe a line 6 amp
there's nothing in your price range that could really be an upgrade from your current amp, if you also want a new guitar