I've got a tab request. I was playing Devil May Cry 4 recently on PC and I completed it (4 times by now) And One scene fascinated me by it's music. The part where Nero almost died and the Yamato sword combined and went to Nero so he gained his Devil Trigger.
The music was epic and I thought it could contain some serious bloody riffs if tabbed out and modified. I suck at tabbing though D:

I did some research and found out the songs name is Awaken by Tetsuya Shibata.
The part in the song is in about 3.12-3.30 It's a pretty short thing to tab, but it can be hard. I can also provide the song via e-mail/msn cause I can't attach it here D:.

I can also make a custom wallpaper/signature to the person since I'm pretty handy with photoshop (I work with it, yes IRL money-making work).

Thanks in advance.