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34 24%
51 37%
27 19%
18 13%
Paul Reed Smith
3 2%
6 4%
Voters: 139.
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Are You A Fender? A Gibson? A Dean? or an Ibanez? Check out this Quiz!
Which Guitar Brand Are You?

This is what I Got:
Your Result: Gibson

You are a Gibson! You like a guitar brand with a reputaion, classic guitar shapes, and great quality. Sounds amazing on clean, or with a medium to high distortion. H-H setting with a jazzy feel and a reactive Burstbucker.

btw i made this quiz, so tell me how i can improve it!
Cause I'm Beautiful and Metal as F*ck

Edit:Oh there was a quiz. I'm still beautiful and Metal as F*ck
That was a **** quiz.
I'm a Fire, and I'll Burn.Burn.Burn.
Why do they have 4 types of clean, Acoustic, and shred as tones?
I mainly play at "crunch" settings, Not clean and miles away from sterile, overcompressed shred tone if I can help it.
The quiz said I was Dean, but I haven't played a Dean I liked.

It was fun though.
It all makes sense
We're capable of beauty
Through sounds that make on cringe
The dogs only hear us now

No B.C. Rich option in the quiz. Odd, I like my Mockingbird and one day look forward to getting myself an Assasin.
When you saw me sleeping
thought I was dreaming
of you...

I didn't tell you
That the only dream
Is Valium for me
I'm a Fender, but no Gretsch??? I guess I'll be Tele since they're twangy and Rockabilly is all about twang.
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What the hell is up with that quiz?

Question 2 offers 4 clean tones, an acoustic, and "rather shred," which isn't a tone. My tone is not described by any of those options.

Question 5 aks the following problems (1) Bass is not "sharp" (2) "Fast and shimmery" is how I would describe a chorus sound, and (3) "Mahogany" is spelled wrong.

Questions 7 and 11 essentially allow the user to chose what his outcome will be

Question 8 makes very little sense. There is no difference in whammy bar from the 60's and the 70's, unless you mean bigbys and fender tremolos, and what the hell does "craziest" mean?

Question 9 also makes little sense "Shiny" and "Metallic" apparently now don't mean roughly the same thing? And what are "Classic 70's colors"?

Question 12 just makes no sense at all.


Which Guitar Brand Are You?
Your Result: Fender

You are a Fender! You like the classic sounds of a single coil pickup with a medium distortion for classic rock, and the blues twang on a clean setting. S-S-S setup gives you twang and classic rock tones.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

i hate dean ...
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i'm BC rich because they make the only good guitar for metal. and i consider myself brutal. like really brutal
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Just hit all the strings at once, raping your e string and making retardly out of place pinch harmonics

oh wait, this isn't a slipknot concert..


And the amish said let their be CHEESE...
Which Guitar Brand Are You?
Your Result: Dean

You are a Dean! You like to shred the night away with screaming dimebuckers and squeal with pinch harmonics. You like to dive-bomb the night away with a floyd rose whammy. H-H setup lets you scream with EMGs

Great, now I'm a thirteen year old Dime fellater. I wanted ESP to be an option, but things are never perfect, at least I wasn't an Ibanez.
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yea man, who ever doesnt like pantera or think they suck doesnt like metal, end of discussion, they changed the freakin world n made history, so don't be sayin they suck, have respect, same goes for machine head n lamb of god cuz their good too
gibson whoo!
even though i dont own a gibson...
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fender ftw. gota love the TWANG.
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Woot ibanez fanboy.
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idk if im gonna sound retarded here buuut...

what the helll is a burstbucker?
My Gear:
Squier Stratocaster
Line 6 Spider III 75w
Line 6 FBV Express

Wanted Gear:
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson ES335
Marshall JVM410H
Marshall JCM800
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I'm a Gibson. I feel sorry for the dude who gets B.C. Rich.
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Gibson. I liked the answer,but tht's a **** quiz.
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this quiz has stupidly retarded questions...and im dean but i think it all comes down to the 'what do you want to be' question
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I got Gibson. Really bad quiz.
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Fender, which I thought I would.

They're my favourite brand, but Ibanez are seriously growing on me.
Gibson, with Fender coming in second.
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Even though it wasn't one of the initial answers, the quiz told me I'm a Wangcaster.
Now do I take that as a compliment or an insult?
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