I am thinking about investing in some nice smart glasses. I usually wear my contact lenses all the time, but, as i may start university in october, this may not always be practical.

basically, what glasses do our fellow UGers wear - feel free to post pics!

or, what glasses do you think look good? celebrity glasses etc

cheers x
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My glasses (that I never wear):

Mine are a different color though
they're pretty smart actually

i like the chunky style more
Why are contacts in college not practical? I wear my contacts everyday and get away with it fine. But then again, I'm a slacker and my first class starts at 1:30pm. Even so, contacts are the way to go, especially if you want to get laid. Sorry to all the glasses wearers..

Wear these, you'll get all the girls with em on your face.

Just ignore that packaging, that's just what they come in.
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I like to think my glasses are pretty sexy
EDIT: 500 dollar Oakleys with Transition lenses. (turn dark in the sun)

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I like to think my glasses are pretty sexy

The shirt is pretty cool.

I've always had perfect eyesight, but it's started to get worse (probably for keeping my eyes underwater at pools all the time) and I'm afraid I'll need glasses sometime.
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Fcuk semi-rimless things.
Got some Quicksilvers upstairs too and prescription Oakley sunnies.
Accessories FTW.
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The shirt is pretty cool.

thank ye, sir.
i have they gayest ones
but im thinking about getting new ones
like those thick black ones
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Glasses don't make you smart

But they make women sexy. I really like Tina Fey's glasses

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frameless ones made by nike, they look all modern and sciency

they're made out of that fancy bendy stuff that you can break

edit: yeah, profile pic to see em
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Somewhat bold ones. I need to get pics up... whenever.

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Quote by fender_696
i like them ones

what model / make?

some stupid random make there's not even a logo on them
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The best glasses evar made

I wear glasses for driving, and nothing else. So I got them for £20 out of Tesco.