As title states, 59 is brand new in box and 490T is off of my SG that I changed immediately after I got it. 60 Shipped for each obo in the CONUS, email me offers or questions at kevinshahrpass@hotmail.com or pm me! thanks guys
what color is the 59' and is it a bridge or neck?
Fender MIM white strat
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bd-2 blues driver
Takamine gs330s
My digi cam is a bit ****ed but ill try n take some pics with my iphone or something tonight if possible, thanks
once again, pics? very interested in the 59 but without pics im not doing anything. also, is it bridge or neck?
I believe it is a bridge. My gfs dad just had a heart attack so Ive been a bit busy but Ill try and have em up asap, sorry