hey, first time posting lyrics here, hope you like them!

- Everything is as it seems, sleep is calm and without dreams
- Simple lives in simple ways
- Mindless drones of todays age, conciousness locked in a cage
- You and I, deluded slaves
- But underneath deceptive lies, these clouded views refuse to die
- and i feel its gone too far
- i look to you my friend, this is your chance to make amends
- cos its the end of the line, (pre-chorus) in their vacant minds
-in their vacant minds

-just another log for fire when your gone
-or will you have the strength to carry on
-feel it flowing through you
-be heard nows your cue

- Everythings ripped at the seams, you've lost all your future dreams
- and your freedom is dismissed
- When you're lying in a ditch, about to have your final twitch
- Thinking why did you persist?
- Their plan is becoming clear, botched attempts make us cohere
- The tale gradually unwinds
- Scared to speak, scared to move, scared to dare to disprove
- cos you know what you will find, (pre-chorus) in their vacant minds
-in their vacant minds


- When the world is spinning fast, yet seemingly unpassed
- Just switch off and relax
- But propoganda is a-rife, they don't say its a 2-edged knife
- cutting into all mankind, (pre-chorus) for their vacant minds
-for their vacant minds