ok. im playing super mario bros. for the SNES and im on chocolate island tring to get to the tube to get the special level. you know the level where you have to get coins and do the level fast. how do i do it?
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Damn, Ive ALWAYS wanted to know this. Thats the one secret I could never figure out. :grr:
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Super Mario World?

The speed you do the first room maps out the rest of the level for you. Try it fast, and then slow.
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My favourite Mario cheat was one my dad taught me when I was like 4..During the world where the sky is black, at the end of one of the levels 2 turtles are going down stairs. Let one of them pass by, but kill the other one. Hope on his shell at the correct moment so it bounces off the step and you land on it just as it's coming back. If timed right you can leave your controller and let him hop until you get so many lives that they start using symbols like a King's Crown to show you what you have
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I love Super Mario World! I kicked Lemmy Koopa's ass last week; just got back into playing it.
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It all makes sense
We're capable of beauty
Through sounds that make on cringe
The dogs only hear us now

remind me which one choc island is. i know how to do all the secrets, i just am not sure what level it is.

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Lol. the dude with gamefaqs helped. i found it. thanks people!
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I've completed the entire game 100%

Even got the SECRET SECRET level from the haunted hosue in world 2.

But I was like 7.. I can't remember :/

Thought I'd brag though.