High school concert (my first)

The band includes two students, two guitarists (teachers) and me.
Im the bassist, and also backing vocals.

The filmer screwed up a little so it misses out a couple of bits

Comments and crit welcome

i think overall it was good.

the music sounded pretty good, but the vocals seemed alittle off,

but were you in the middle( i saw that little hop) haha

but it was a decent cover, and good for a first preformance
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Me playing
well the sound quality isnt great so i found it a little hard to hear everything at certain times
but performance wise i thought it was fine i agree with ardie12 that the vocals arent perfect but i also thought that it was a good cover. nice work
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Dude, I think you guys are pretty good. Guitars seem pretty spot on (although easy, whatever.) And the vocals are pretty damn good too, green day is easy to play, but its not so easy to sing. I know I can't do it. Keep it up, I would have fun listening to you guys!


Your drummer needs a little work though I'm not sure why..
it wasn't bad, but you got to work on the timing, you've got a lot fo timing problems with the vocals and the drums.
the quality is terrible but that's not your fault :P,
was nice after all keep working