Im just about to embark on an adventure in America's west and would appreciate some input.

What are the best guitar shops in San Francisco and or Las Vegas? I've found a few online but nothing beats personal experience from guys in the know.

Also how about live music venues? Would be keen to hear about some good local joints and any other tips you may have.

SF venues: Warfield, Shoreline in Mountain View, Bimbo's, etc.
SF guitar shops: Guitar Center (a nice one), mom and pop shops.
Just go on Yahoo Local or something.
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there's 2 guitar centers here in vegas. the nice one is by the airport and it has a ton of stuff in it
Thanks for your replys.

The venues you gave me punkrocker94 are all major ones, thanks but I was looking for the smaller local scene. I have read that around the Market area is where I should find the head bangers/alternative rockers.