thats right...

create some uber superheros for the lolz

its time to make an epic thread

preferably with pikz for teh lolz
Fuc k you dude. He's awesome
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assassin man, he's bald, always wears a black suit, red tie, white shirt ... unless he needs to go undercover

he has a barcode on the back of his neck and he carries these 2 silver pistols

this all sounds oddly familier
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*looks at join date*

oh i get it now.
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It'll be funny.

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Antman----- can lift 100x his body weight
Sigs Are For Pussies
Aviator Man!

He wears aviator shades, rides a Harley, and gets drunk.

He does not fight evil.
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inb4 search bar man lolololololol

Telekinesis Man. He's paraplegic with no arms or legs because of a horrible accident in which he saved multiple lives. However, he's gone delirious because of life after his injuries, and believes that everyone he saved was supposed to die, and is on a mission to kill the exact number of people, and the same kind of people. He has metallic limbs attached for arms and legs which he controls through telekinesis. They're extremely heavy and are made of very strong material but it's not a problem because he controls them with his mind. And he kills people with them horribly.

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Mushroom man! And he's aaaangryyy.
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The Hero has arrived.

His sidekick even showed up.

I'm too lazy to create a background story, so someone else can.
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The Hero has arrived.

His sidekick even showed up.

I'm too lazy to create a background story, so someone else can.

now THAT'S Funny.
Zygote Boy. His abilities are birth squeeze and kick, and is proficient in blocking all types of falcon punches.

He is trying to live up to his father's (Fetus Man's) legacy, after he was incapacitated when the notorious X and Y Chromosomes used their dreaded Downs Syndray to leave him as retarded as well, a fetus.

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Womanman. He is both. And thus has twice the chance of scoring tonight.


This reminds me of a 12 oz Mouse bit.

"Man power go."

Massive cookie to anyone who has also seen it.
We're only strays.
you know, I created one on a whim right now...Negro Man, he has the powers to raep you. here's his picture, with his catchphrase.

Fireman. Unlike his rival, The Human Torch, Fireman can't fly, shoot fire, or even avoid getting burnt to a crisp when he yells "Flame On!" He just kinda walks around, as the fire devours his body. Because of this, many people assume that Fireman is simply a regular person who's decided to self-immolate himself. They're partly right.