hello everybody. My name is Hunter. Im brand new to the forums. I have a profile with no friends I have a song on there that i wrote you can check it out at profile.ultimate-guitar.com/iciclethief/ or on myspace.com/iciclethief. Its kind of just me messing around with Xpand!. i wrote and played all of the parts with a basic midi controller. the only real audio tracks are the two guitar parts. anyways id love for somebody to check it out, and while your there send me a friend request!... thanks everybody
Wow, I'm impressed. You are excellent. I'm speechless, great quality. I'd love to hear more from you.
hey man, thanks a lot! I sure do appreciate the kind words. I always have ideas, and im always recording so ill be sure to post new songs/ideas on my profile when i get em done. especially now that i know someone likes them besides me. thanks again for bein so cool!