I've searched and failed to find a thread dedicated to 12 string acoustic guitars.

So I've decided to make one, since I need some help.

I'm thinking of getting a 12 string coustic and I don't really know much about the acoustic guitar brands and wich ones are good, and wich ones are definitly not.

So if you have a 12 string or have ever played one, please share your knowledge.

You can also post pics of really pretty ones cause come on, some 12 strings are just f*ing sexy!
i have a 12 string alvarez. alvarez makes great and afforadble acoustic guitars that are 6 and 12 string.i would highly recommend that guitar
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Quote by CorvetteRick

Thats my 12 string... got a 6 string stuck on it though...

meh ... I want an acoustic one