i am now perhaps been through fire, 30plus years listening to the then best r&b/blues guitarist out of ireland, rory gallahger.
have now a up and inspiring son, rory 12 who wants to work with Kristofer Dahl but not sure how to contact him, as to how to use his website for guitar traiing....was guitarmasters.com??

i live in sweden.
i was listening tosome greats do a radio interview the other day on roryg fan website, bryan may of queen, garry moore, jack bruce, and other greats talk about roryg in the beginning with his two AC30 amps and a treble booster,so the sound is already been magnified before it hits the speaker. Bryan may was a young boy starting out, and had already develped his own guitar preferences, but he went out straight away and bought the gear to give him that roryg sound..

woud be interested if anyone knows of or knowledge of such amps, and has anybody bought a Line6 guitarport. My son would like one for his computer...

thanks for your support
anthony and son
Hi Anthony,
Nice to see someone else in Sweden

Kristofer Dahl's website is called http://www.guitarmasterclass.net , and there you should find the info necessary to contact him. I'll be happy to help you out if you need to write him something in Swedish

Best of luck!