I have a Roland Cube 30X and a Whammy IV, and when I had finished practicing, I took out the mains adapter for the whammy pedal while the amp was on, and there was like a hiss and the amp had a guy talking through it for like 5 seconds each time I plugged and unplugged it after that.

This is the only time this has happened... Is there something about amps that make them pick up radio frequencies?

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And Daron Malakians custom triangle pick.

Thats all you need to know.
I had an apartment uptown and when we would jam out up there at night for some reason everytime I stopped playing I would get country music coming through my vintage sears silvertone half stack, but only at night and only with that amp
I think that's usually due to low quality cables.
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It's probably getting lazy.
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by a talk box, and play/speak the lords prayer into the amp full blast.
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Unless its electronic drums.

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that won't solve anything; what good is a wet amp!?!?

Your amp is picking up radio frequencies. It can sometimes happen, and it's damn funny especially if it's a foreign station or some religious station.

Nothing scares the **** out of you more than playing some Dying Fetus or Deicide, then stopping and hearing "May God's Grace be upon thee!"