Hey, I have been playing bass for 2 years (consistently) but now id like to learn guitar as well... I have my eye on an Epiphone Midnight Les Paul (limited edition), I was wondering - is it a bad idea to buy something so expensive as a first guitar?

Also, advice from anyone who has had experience in learning both instruments would be great!

nah dont be daft man, if you have the budget you buy the best guitar you can get. you'll have good tone and a very playable guitar that looks very good. you wont have to buy another guitar after your beginner.

you just wont appreciate the difference in playing a beginners to a better level guitar ! lol

you might find guitar pretty easy, it's a lot easier on the fingers than playing bass, less stretching, you'll have an advantage as you should have good finger stength in all fingers if you've been playing bass properly so you should find the movements easier.
thats pretty much the way im looking at things - buy the best guitar I can get - it's what i should of done with my bass!

cheers for the response!
well you dont know if youre gonna like playing the guitar. in fact, you might SUCK at it. you might be so bad no one will come near you when you play. you'll drive all the cats away from your neighborhood. you parents' ears will bleed! AHHHH THE CONFUSION!!

so, yea get a cheap one to see if you like it or not