Me and two other of my friends really want to start a band. We think it would be awesome to start playing together and maybe, if we get any good, do a couple of gigs. So right now we have a guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist (me). we are all beginners (especially the drummer) and my question is how would we go about doing this? what is a song that isnt too crazy on everything that we could start out practicing on? Our preferable genres are metal, and classic rock. Ive searched everywhere, including this site and i couldnt find much that helped me so any help would greatly be aprectiated.

Thanks in advance.
pretty much all the songs you play when you first start playing your intrument. So if your into metal and classic rock I would say Smoke on the water - deep purple, iron man- black sabbath or back in black or something like that. you might as well practice singing to.
meant to live- switchfoot
given up- Linkin Park
No more sorrow- Linkin Park
The way You Like It- Adema

im practically in the same predicament you are, me and my band just started as well
i think you should start with your own music
so you could have your own style
not somebodys style
well thats just me
if your bands just started and your looking for some real easy songs to start with, start with nirvana
I know not everyones a nirvana fan but alot of there stuff is easy for all instuments involved
Phizz.ed, that sounds awesome, i want to write my own music, how would i do that. im kinda new to this.
well what i do is i find the style i like
my way is kinda boring
i first make a rythme with my guitar keep on playing that and think of lyrics in my head
and if that wont work
think of something going through your head something that could be well thought of and formated into lyrics
this is all my way there is no wrong way to make your own music
hoped this helped you