I just put a new sound card in my computer, I am using a little crate V8 palomino 5 watt class A all tube, it has a line out which I ran to the mic in on my soundcard.

My question is, does anyone have a good software for guitar with effects and modulators and things. I was hoping to fing a decent free software??

You can edit music with it, and it's free.
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First off, you'll want to go from the "line out" on your amp to the "line in" on your computer, not the "mic in".

Second, are you asking for recommendations on VST plugins or actual recording software?
-Recording Software would be Audacity or Reaper (read the Stickies!) both free
-Free VSTs are trickier. Anything thats decent you'll have to buy, and it probably sound digital. Esp if you're doing high gain stuff. Google is your friend...
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Audacity is nice. Look into torrents, this will get you a long way.
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