Ive been learning to read sheet music, and have had some trouble with rhythm. Dotted notes confuse me, and an eighth note before a quarter note confuses me. (I know, Im a noob. At my school, they let me slide by without being good at this.) Does anyone know any websites or programs I could practice this with? Or at least some resources telling me the, umm, value of the notes? I can read music fine, and I think my rhythm is fine, but on sheet music, Im lost.
Well dotted notes are pretty simple
You take the duration of the note itself and add whatever is half of that onto it
For example if there is dotted half note,it would last 3 beats (a half plus a quarter)
If you had a dotted quarter note it would last 1 and a half beat (a quarter plus an eight)
So on and so far

Have you been taught to count the rhythm at all?
Umm, I played trumpet for a few years, but that was during a period where I didnt care about music. I was taught to count rhythm, but I stopped paying attention to that, and screwed around, and the habit stuck. Its not just that though, Im just all around sheet music illiterate (other than Im pretty good at reading it, as long as its all quarter notes...)
I suggest you getting the program guitar pro. With it you can listen to the sheet and put in a metronome and so on. It helped me a lot with playing in time.