Well, im only 13 and I have only been playing guitar for 7 months now and i absolutely love it. Its a way to express my feelings= wen im mad i play something very hard core, wen im sad i play soft, heart breaking music. I am quite the musician, trying to do the best i can do. Ive been taking guitar lessons since xmas (wen i got my first electric guitar) and i have a great guitar teacher, josh g.
Someday I hope im in a band, but i actually am not so interested in it YET because i think i will have more options and other stuff to do in life. but i suppose it never hurts to actually TRY. So yah I guess thats the game plan for now, and i will continue trying harder and harder to become full successful in guitar, and in life.
keep at it. it takes practice, lots of it. never be content with your playing, but always be happy with it
i think you should atleast jam with a few people atleast once a month. it makes you so much better.
I say try the band thing. If you don't like it, then so be it. but it is so rewarding when your on stage and people actually like the material you've written.