i was recently on the Jay Turser website, browsing. And the guy i got my guitar from had a JT-50 (SG) and a JT-300(strat) for sale. $70 each or $120 for both. well, i checked them out, it being my first electric guitar played, no, wait, scratch that, my first electric guitar ever TOUCHED.(never used an acoustic either) and now looking back 1 1/2 years later, and realized that the only reason I got my SG is because it had strings on it, and the strat didn't. Now, i realize that I like SG's better than strats.

anyone else get their first guitar like me??

EDIT: what i mean is did anyone get there guitar over another guitar because of something minor like it not having strings, ect?
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I think most people got ther first guitar so your not alone.

i think he meant did anyone get one under the same circumstances or maybe did their first one alter their taste in guitars

which i have to say happened to me, i had a strat first and i really fer the strat radius and neck feel compared to a les paul/sg

so after i get my 7 string that im gassing for i want a strat and im gonna get an s-s-s but put all mini buckers in then coil tap them for ULTIMATE TONAL VARIETY!!!!!!
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i didn't have a choice on my first bass guitar

my mom agreed to buying my friend's used one, until i could prove i was worthy of a better one

and well. i did
My first guitar was a POS HSH Yamaha strat from Argos
I despise the thing
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My first guitar was awful. Walmart first act. No, just no.
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Yeah, I wanted a Fender Bullet and a Peavey amp - this was the 80's and my dad forced me to get an old Gibson Les Paul Standard and an old BF Dual Showman. He paid the difference