I decided to switch from 9s to 10s on my Ibanez, with a Floyd Rose bridge. Since I'm keeping it in standard tuning, this has the problem of increased tension, pulling the bridge way out of position. The counter springs are already positioned for maximum tension, but that is not enough.

Is it possible to get heavier counter springs?
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Add springs?
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Add springs?

There's 3 slots for springs on the bridge fulcrum end. There are 3 springs. I don't see how I could add more. Does anybody know where I can get some heavy springs that fit?
RIP Terry Kath (1978)
Take off the stupid thing screwed into the block. It's not neccecary, and just throw another spring in there.
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Return the springs in the back to about the mid position and add another spring. If that doesn't work, you have something wrong.