Gosh. All these online bands. None really active though. How about we do an active online band. I play bass, and will do the rythm or if I really have to, lead guitar. But I am definately playing bass. Lets do a classic rock, alternative kind of thing with some funk thrown in for good measure.

taco_bell_dogs_revenge@yahoo.com Email me at that
myspace.com/supbaish For not as lame people

Im serious lets do it.

Guitarist or me writes the guitar part, add bass, send to drummer, send to singer.
Sound good?
Include your myspace, email or I will ignore you.
singer here, roosoh13@gmail.com

I'm kinda in a lot of online bands right now so give me a message on this site if you want me.
Just remember, at the end of the game, the king and the pawn go in the same box
I could play rhythm guitar.
My Gear: For sale/trade:
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you can join my band. we are lacking a bassist. we are currently gonna cover the foo fighters song The Pretender


listen to my profile for random guitar licks to show my skills. only the clean one, the dirty/sloppy one sucks
I would be up for guitar, lead or rhythm. Check my profile so you can see the quality of my recordings (I use a webcam mic, but it isn't too bad) and what level of playing I am at. Alternative and classic rock should be good
I had this idea too two years ago, but everyone thought I was crazy!