I've been playing for just over 6 months, and I can play quite a lot of songs (none are incredibly hard though), such as Dani California, Snow ((Hey oh)), Castles Made of Sand, Fluorescent Adolescent, Song to Sing When I'm lonely and The Past Recedes.

I've also made my own song up, and feel I have a decent understanding of how music should be structured (I structured two guitars for it, and they seem to work), and I have an okay ear, like I can hear simple things and find them on the fretboard (not instantly, but I can find them quite quickly).

I've been learning scales (major, minor pentatonic), and can improvise with them to a fairly decent standard.

Anyway, I want to progress more. I want to learn every technique I can, and be the best I can be.

I like pretty much every style, and would love to be able to sweep pick (Any lessons you recommend?), chicken pick, play jazz and classical guitar.

I basically want to be able to do it all. lol.

Where do you recommend I go next? Keeping in mind I've only been playing for 6 months, so it would possibly be a bit early to be learning some of these techniques (?). I would like to start building up to doing these things though.

BTW, I love blues, metal, jazz, classical, pretty much most styles, so name anything.

I might have come across as a bit arrogant up there, saying I can improvise well, etc. I just wanted to give you an idea of the level I'm at, not come across as an arrogant prick. I just want to continue to progress.


learn some van halen,led zeppelin,judas priest,b.b. king and bo didley.
that should help you out if you like any of them
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dude learn some SRV he has songs that are great to learn.
ex. Texas Flood, pride and joy, cold shot, rude mood.
and thats awesome your learning John Frusciante solo projects.
and then there are the standards of guitar playing.
ex. sweet child o' mine, crossroads, johnny b. goode, etc...
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I'll try looking at some songs from the artists/bands you two listed.

I also want to just develop new technique too, and I seem to come across new techniques every day without even realising they could be done, so I'm hoping somebody will name some new ones. haha.

And John Frusciante's solo work is awesome, very underrated.
Do you have an acoustic or electric?
if you have an electric learn sweeping (like you said above) and tapping, this is when you use your middle finger (or ring, pinky w/e) to tap a string at a certain fret and let it pull off

i suggest you start learning harder songs now,

you are pretty good theory wise, i've been playing for a year and the only scale i know is minor pentatonic haha

if you want tapping theres in the solo of metallica's one (one is the song name) theres some easy tapping so you might want to play that song
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I can already tap on the high e string, but I can't do it on the the rest, because when I pull off my motion isn't short enough yet. I'm working on it though.

I'll check out one.
Read up on theory. There's a great series of articles on the main site called "The Crusade" that has a ton of useful information.

I'd suggest playing with a metronome and playing with other musicians. The metronome will help you with timing and rhythm, and playing with other musicians is hands-down the best way to progress.

Also, learn the notes on your fretboard, and make sure you're learning the notes of the scales, not just boxes. Learn scales laterally (up and down the neck) in addition to horizontally (up and down the strings).

For techniques, look at some of the standards of each. For sweep picking, listen to stuff like Yngwie Malmsteen. Listen to Bluegrass for chicken pickin'. Listen to jazz for the jazz guitar. Ear training is almost as valuable, if not just as much, as training your fingers. After all, sound is your ultimate result!

Hope that helps!
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