Under the "Tab Requests" page I noticed a song I had figured out and thus decided to tab it out and submit it. I did so but submitted it via the Ultimate-Guitar home page link "Submit Your Tab" when I'm thinking I should have submitted it on the "Tabs Requested" page next to the song being requested. Regardless my tab was accepted but I notice that the song is still under the "Tabs Requested" list and my "Requests Honored" is still at 0.

I tried re-submitting my tab via the "Submit" link on the Tab Requests page next to the song name but after a day it was denied (obviously because it was identical to the my previously accepted tab).

As I've said, the song has been accepted already (A Change Of Pace - Christmas On The Coast) so I was curious if anyone knew how I could make it register under the Tabs Requested page so the people who wanted it would be notified and I would receive credit (credit is less important than the notifications). Thanks!

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