I'm wondering if i got this while its on sale, and upgrade the knives, it will suffice for making neck laminates/flattening mahogany type wood? its 1 horsepower, id imagine if i took things really slow on it i could make good use of this tool. i hand plane all of my glue joints anyways. what do you guys think? anyone else gonna make a purchase? its hard to beat 200 or so dollars for something like this...
Go to Lowes.

I bought the Delta JT360 at Lowes on clearance on Sunday for $99.00 - the regular price is $396.00 @ Lowes and 450 on Amazon.

With a jointer it's only as good as how level the table is. This is why I wanted a name brand.

If you want to buy rough stock and make it into final stock you should get a planer first.

from L -> R

stock in various stages. This is honduran mahogany

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