Hey guys im looking to get these:

but does anyone know if any of the GFS pups would be similar?

id like to try and save some of the little money i have and btw ive checked ebay and nothing special really on prices
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I have them on my strat, they're really bright and have great cleans and blues tones, however they're are not good for high gain at all. I think they're amazing if you play alot of blues, they're very chimey and nail the Hendrix tone.
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^I basically agree.

I can't comment on the GFS pickups, though.
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I just got my CS69s installed today...

Can't get much better than them for blues on a strat. Very crisp clear and bright. They handle gain well, in my opinion, if you're talking about hendrix stuff. But don't try to go any higher than that.

Why would you want to, though, on vintage style pickups.
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