This is, in my opinion, one of my best works. It's notm really a "song" but more of a poem set to music.

As the cream swirls around in my coffee
I start to think about you and me
Where we can go with our love
To hell below or heaven above

We must go through much turmoil
To walk bare foot in the soil
Among the trees, bees and seas
To carry my heart at Wounded Knee

Walk away for there is nothing for you here
The only resident of this town is fear
The fear of how our children learn
The fear of what our children yearn

They will never know how to live
Never to take, only to give
Now that is all well and good
But that’s not what life should

Should the universe split in two?
All that remains is me and you
But that is then and this is now
As I give you my wedding vows
Not too bad at all. I would personally use a.... more creative... rhyme pattern, but that kind of thing varies from person to person, but other than that, its good
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