singer needs to work on the lows, they just dont sound right, and the strummed part for lack of a better term doesnt seem to fit. all in all not bad but needs work.
The vocals are kinda weak and spaced out IMO. The riffs were pretty much just chuggity chuggity chuggity, except for what I think was the chorus, which I am 100% I have heard in similar variations many times before.
I didn't find anything about the song particularly drawing.

But good luck to you guys.

EDIT: And I think the drums could've used some reverb.
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To be honest, that was one of the most unoriginal things I've heard in a long time.
Sorry guys, one fan you wont ever get with that song right here. I hope that's not seriously the song name lol. And your definately right about the low vocals.. sounded baad. But as far as the guitar playing, since this is a guitar player website.. very novice work. If you wanna impress someone with a song like that you're gonna HAVE to be a little more original and innovative. But like was said above, good luck.
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