Okay, I need EASY songs that strum a lot. Practically throughout most of the song, but if it doesn't, that's alright. I think I'm bad at the guitar, so strumming is basically all that I can play that sounds nice. When I do finger picking and such, I think I sound terrible, but I'm working on that. The songs that I can recall playing are really, really simple to me. I strum the parts in "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)", "Oh, it is love", and "Anyone else but you". And, well, as you can see, I really don't know that many songs that are simple and strum a lot...so I need help. I need to get better. By the way, sorry this is kinda long. Most topics like these are pretty straightforward.
Learn chords! And work on your picking. That would be my advice.
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yeah your not gonna get far just strumming on the guitar i found finger tapping to strengthen the fingers quickly
Sink, Florida, Sink a good Against Me! song (from before they sold out), its just a 4 chord song C, Am, G, F throughout the whole song, also Whole wide World by Wreckless Eric is really easy its just E and A throughout the entire song

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Yeah, I know. I'm working on the picking right now, I just need some more songs to strum with because the whole picking thing doesn't seem as natural as it was three years ago. I used to be okay with it, but then I stopped playing for a while because I didn't have a guitar. The only simple song I'm practicing right now with mostly strumming in it is "If you're going to San Francisco". I'm trying to be able to play all of the picking stuff I used to play, and it's not going so bad, but it's not really a success either. I'll try those two strumming songs a little bit later though, because I'm still working on my main problem.
Cath by DCFC is like a Em, C, D, A, C#,G.

Wagon Wheel by Against Me! Is a steady strum pattern with G,D,Em,C,D

Hurt by Johnny Cash (Yes, I know it was originally written by Trent Reznor but I like the Cash version more) is a mix of picking and strumming of Am,C,D, and then Am,F, G, C. So you can have picking practice, as well as a song that sounds good while practicing. Hope that helps.

Most old country songs are really simple chord progressions that are all strummed. As you learn to strum better you can add the country style strumming and hammer-ons/pull-offs to really make them shine. Here are a couple songs to look up.

Johnny Cash - I still miss someone
Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (different type of strum pattern but you can play it with basic strumming to get the idea)
Kris Kristofferson - Me and Bobby Mcgee
Kris Kristofferson - Sunday Morning Coming down
Hank Williams - Lost Highway
John Prine - Please Dont Bury Me
Sorry, "At the bottom of everything" by Bright Eyes is a really good song for strumming, its easy and doesn't need a capo. Enjoy!
down by the river by ccr --- just 3 chords I think
american pie by don mclean
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To work on your picking attempt to learn parts of classical gas, it's nice to have a measure of how your progressing with finger movement and picking.

Try American pie, thats pretty easy.