Well guys, i am an aspiring musician and i need some recorded music. I have a band and everything, but they are all busy so i am going to take matters into my own hands. We have 5 songs written on guitar, but we don't have any of the other parts yet b/c we are just starting out. However, i am tired of waiting on everyone else so i am going to do what I can by myself. So I ask you, how can I record all of these parts by myself? I have a Shure SM57, a Lexicon Omega and Cubase LE 4 to record and i also have guitars, a bass, and a drum set at my house to record. How should i approach this though? Should I record the guitar part to a click track, then load it to my Ipod, then make a drum part and bass part and record those? Or should I just wait for the guitarist to come so I can make drum parts with him there? Or should I just wait for the rest of the band?
record to a click track, layer everything on top of that.
Dont rush the band, you guys are a team

Dont put audio on your iPod, it will be compressed and you wont be able to match it all up. Instead, plug phones into the interface and set the software to play back audio as you record a new track. keep the click track in place until you finish the song or feel you dont need it anymore.

I normally record drums to a click track and then take the click out and layer on top of the drums.