I was learning an acoustic song yesterday (Wish you were here - Pink Floyd) but I only have an electric guitar so I was playing it unplugged which sounds decent but lacks a lot of volume as I assume most of you know. I plan on buying an acoustic guitar soon when I get the money but I remembered seeing the Boss Acoustic Simulator Pedal at Guitar Center a while back and I was checking it out via YouTube and then I came up with the idea of using a diy piezo pickup and attaching it to my electric guitar, possible even wiring it in as a middle position pick up.

My Question to you guys is will a piezo pick up on an electric guitar make the electric sound like an acoustic-electric guitar when run through a clean amp. I think it will and I plan on trying it this weekend if I can get the parts, but I wanted to run it by you geniuses before hand yo see what you guys thought of it.

Since it only picks up vibrations like it does on an acoustic guitar it should, at least in theory, make it sound acoustic, right?
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It sounds pretty cool. I wouldn't know if it actually works (never tried it myself) but graphtech makes saddles with piezo pickups built in to them or something, so I would assume it would work.
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You can buy piezo saddles and bridges for your guitar and the pre amps to run them so that you can get acoustic sounds out of an electric.

so yes it does work.

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Hm. I wouldn't think it would work, because acoustic uses phosphor bronze or the like and electrics are nickel wound. so you would get a different sound. Blargh. I don't really know what I'm talking about, I'm just speculating.
I searched around a bit and I guess it works. I'm gonna go to radio shack this weekend probably so I'll keep you posted. One more thing though: Will I need a preamp to boost the signal before it goes into my amp? or will it be strong enough without one?
It works, Pete Townshend has a bridge with a piezo in addition to his normal strat pickups. Then both signals go to a stereo jack and he splits them. He's even got a separate preamp with volume control for the piezo so he can play all electric, all acoustic, or blend the two.

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id like to try this too.. if you succeed ill follow exactly what you did...
I got the stuff today. I broke the piezo element our, and it works when I tap it and stuff, but when I attach it to the guitar, it doesn't pickup the string vibrations. I'm not sure what the problem is. I can feel the vibrations with my finger very easily but it just doesn't do anything.

Here is the plan though, I'm gonna wire it up to my input jack and use a slide spdt switch I bought to turn it off and no and attach this into the control cavity cover so I don't have to drill my guitar or anything Here is a pic of the piezo element and switch for any one who wants to see.

Scratch that, It does work now, I just wasn't making the wires have good contact with the guitar cable jack, I was just holding them there due to a lack if being able to solder at the moment, so it does work well, and I do beleive that I will not need a preamp luckily because I could hear it very clearly. Now I need to decide were to mount it, I'm thinking inside the control jack on the wood outline/edge of routing. I'll test a couple spots.
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Heres how to make it and where to mount it
Heres a good preamp to go with it
and heres what those two together will sound like
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I beleive the bext spot I found was right next to the bridge, but I don't want a ugly guitar. Another place that sounded good was under the bridge pickup, It sounds good, being close to the bridge and won't change any thing cosmetically.

I'll definitely post sound clips and stuff when I'm finished and I will take pictures for the guy who wanted to do it the same as me or anybody else who wants em.
I have everything wired up but it doesn't work when I attach the leds to the output jack, but when I attack them to the male jack it works fine.
I have a ton of pics:

a few more are uploading
resize them please
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no, I got plenty of sound without one, though if I end up wanting one to change the sound of it, and beable to control it, I will just build it as a pedal and not not have it in my guitar due to lack of room in it.
I got it finished and working, but 1 somewhat big problem. I switch it on but no sound come out unless I turn the volume for the regular pickups up, which mixes the signals.

Here is how I have it wired, if someone wants to help.

It works petty good, but it's too much of an acousticy sound.