My amp does not have any type of line out, so I was wondering what my options are other than micing the amp?

I don't think there are any other options.
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you can use a record or headphone out however never run a speaker output. Without being able to mic an amp you are fairly stuck...

As for mics, there are quite a few, the Shure SM57 is a popular one however it can be a little harsh. A condenser mic would be better for clean tones IMO.

You could go with modeling software and DI your instruments but usually it doesnt sound great...
Micing the amp get you a much nicer sound, in my experience, anyway. You get essentially what you hear, with all the reverb and sustain.
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Please, someone correct me if I am wrong, but a DI box with an attenuator would allow him to go right from the powered speaker output, no?

From the Behringer DI-120 features sheet:
"Switchable input attenuation allows connection to outputs with up to 3,000 Watts"

That said, it still won't sound very good, but it will get sound from the amp to the recorder. Best bet is to get a decent mic and set it up, or go clean into the board and use an amp simulator or something, as was mentioned above.

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