Hey, I have been a bass player for about 2 years now and have decided to take up the guitar. I know alot of you guys here play both, do you take music lessons on bass or on guitar, or on both?

My music teacher teaches both so sometime I bring my bass and sometimes I bring my guitar.
I took bass lessons for about half a year to give myself a little kick in the pants. I mainly try to improve my guitar playing through video instruction as that's not a big priority for me. Right now taking piano lessons which are accompanying my music theory class nicely. Learning is fun!
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Back on topic. I've taken guitar lessons in the past and I'm thinking of taking some lessons again with the guitarist I've been jamming with lately. I think getting someone else's perspective and knowledge on an instrument is never a bad thing, and makes you more well rounded as a musician.
I've been taking bass lessons for a while, no guitar lessons.

Might start up again as I need to improve my chops.
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i used to get guitar lessons and then realised bass was the right instrument for me so i got bass lessons ..its tough to elarn both cause you got to have a lot of free time i tried learning both side by side and gave up because the time spent on one insturment your not so keen on starts to feel wasted.. that you could have been getting better on your fav instrument of the 2...i say unless you like them both equally dont bother learing them side by side..
I only took lessons on bass. It was very theory heavy and I followed it up with university courses.
My only formal training on guitar was a guy in a music store showing me I was holding the pick wrong.

I'd only take lessons in the one that your heart's in to. Formal lessons on one instrument will make it easier to learn the other on your own - though you will become better on the one that you spend the most time playing.