Mah mix

In the course of putting together the mix, I found that the songs roughly divided into a couple of categories, so I arranged them as such. I've only included 7 songs, in order to limit the size to roughly 40 minutes.

Ex-Genesis Members

Anthony Phillips - The Geese and the Ghost pt. 2 Anthony Phillips is probably the least recognizable fellow in the mix. He was the guitarist for Genesis' first two albums, but left because of stage fright. This song is from his album, The Geese and the Ghost. The album is pretty light, with few distorted guitars or wanky soloing, relying more on layered acoustics and winds, and melodies, though elements of the early Genesis sound mix in with the classical and folk bits. The album isn't what I'd call a "rock" album, but it's got some great ideas.

Steve Hackett - Titania This is from Hackett's album, A Midsummer Night's Dream, which features Hackett's classical guitar, as well as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. If you want to hear some classical-style guitar intertwined with strings, played with some pretty good skill and featuring memorable melodies, I certainly recommend it. This particular track features some flashy playing by Hackett, but the melody is great as well.

Peter Gabriel - The Family and the Fishing Net This is from Gabriel's fourth album, which is also known as Security (all previous albums were only titled Peter Gabriel). Gabriel is mixing more world and electronic elements into his music, and the result is a fantastic album with only one weak song (in my opinion). This particular song has great lyrics, and some haunting moments. Though most of the tracks on Security take a while getting to the most emotional moments, the wait is worth it.


Traffic - Dream Gerrard The weird lyrics on this track are delivered in a great performance by Steve Winwood. The chorus is great, but only appears in the first few minutes, after which the band settles into a long, jammy groove. Winwood plays a great solo on the piano, and makes the groove a little eerie with some added mellotron.

Santana - Waves Within The Caravanserai album marked a departure from Santana's rock, jazz and latin sound to a jazz, rock and latin sound (wait... what?) Ok, while the terms might not change that much, the sound on this album definitely has become very focused on the groove, with excellent bass playing and some interesting studio effects here and there. There's not much I can say except that this stuff gets me moving every time.

Captain Beefheart - Tropical Hot Dog Night This track is from the album, Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller). I feel that the album is fairly accessible, but still has a fun quirkiness. This is a really fun track, and even if the lyrics don't make sense, they're still great to sing along with.

Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude I'm closing this off with possibly my favorite performance in popular music. Wilson Pickett's incredible voice transforms the Beatles classic, and the grooving band might even make the old arrangement sound a bit square after listening. It doesn't hurt that the guitar is played by the great Duane Allman. But, the best part is the outro, which is still pure bliss every time I hear it.

Anyhow, cheerio, hope you like some of it


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Some excellent choices. Obviously Pickett's version of Hey Jude is incredible and Waves Within is Santana at the pinnacle of their abilities. I hadn't heard the Phillips track before, very interesting.

I'll give the rest a listen tomorrow.
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This looks like an interesting mix. I'll give it a listen tomorrow
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i have to admit that i haven't heard any of these songs before.

i really liked the steve hackett song (though that type of music isn't what i normally listen to, but it was very nice), the santana song was also a really good one. i really need to get some of santana's material. i thought the traffic song was pretty good as well. all the other ones were good, but those were the ones i liked best.

all in all, good job.
I completely forgot to listen to this...I figured I better do so before I put the new one up.

The only song that didn't really do anything for me was the Peter Gabriel song. I loved the Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett songs though, and the Beefheart one was very enjoyable

How to achieve Frank Zappa's guitar tone:
Quote by Thefallofman
Step 1: Buy a Gibson SG
Step 2: Insert Green Ringer, EQ, 3 dead squirrels and a microwave into said SG
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