Hi, long time lurker first time poster here.

I'm wanting your opinions, but preferably personal experience with either of these two multi-fx pedals I'm considering buying, as they're within my range. I'm not looking for big name "because such and such" uses it pedals, these are the two that the guy at the music shop told me to find out about.
I've done a quick search of these forums and the only definitive post I could find was that, to summarise, digitech is sh**.

So, what experience have you had with these multi-fx pedals, and which would you buy?
I have a Bp80, and its been good to me so far. Easy to program. Comes with some good settings all ready. and the price tag wasnt bad either.
all in all, ive had some pretty good luck with digitech.
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i have a zoom b2 (for sale lol) it reeeally doesnt need an expression pedal, theres only 3 effects u coul use it for and when i tried it they didnt really do much
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The BP80 is alright for an introduction to the many effects and sounds a bass can achieve. Just don't expect any singular effect to be mind-blowing ...

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Zoom B2.1U

I got the Zoom: B2.0 and comes about everything that I was looking for. Expect for the distortion was more like a fuzz.

Will the music shop let you try them out before hand?
Digitech pedals are very dependable and easy to use. I used to have the BP60 (I believe), but they found out I could program my GP200 and use it for what I needed for both guitar and bass. It made sense for me economically, but the BP series are great - even as a direct box for recording - for the price.
zoom IMO looks nicer and more friendly user
also my friend has a G1x (for gutiar) and it was very easy to use, the sound was not killer but for that price was a very good deal
while with digitech i always have feeled like it sound to digital
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So far I'm leaning towards the zoom, it's about $100AUD more than the digitech. They had the guitar pedals there and the zoom feels more solidly built than the digitech IMO...
Never tried the digitech, i've got the zoom though and can't fault it, some effects are a bit weak though
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I dislike digitech but go with whatever sounds better, we obviously will not have the exact same opinion.
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The buttons on my Zoom B2 broke after a year... now switching between patches is practically impossible.
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The BP80 is alright for an introduction to the many effects and sounds a bass can achieve. Just don't expect any singular effect to be mind-blowing ...

I agree. It makes a good direct box. I just find that some of the effects on the BP80 and the BP200 are less than spectacular. The drum loop on the BP200 is nice tho'. Its a fun toy to mess with as well.

Its also handy for small jam sessions and workshops--its easier to lug one multi-pedal than the whole pedal board. But I don't think I'd ever gig with it.

I kinda feel the same way about the Zoom multi pedals, though the sound on them tends to be a bit better than the Digitechs.