Do most people here write melodies first and then lyrics? Or the other way around?

I just like to mess around with my guitar while trying to hum a decent melody at the same time (I record them and then go back and listen to it to write my lyrics).

It kinda works but when I write my lyrics to follow the melody...everything sounds extremely cheesy.

But when I don't make the melody first...my lyrics ends being a crappy rhymey poem a 5th grader could probably write.

I never successfully written a song before and I wonder if it's the way I'm approaching it...

So...what should probably go first..? Melody or lyrics?
Well, neither actually.
I'd say a good chord progression or riff that you're really into.
Sometimes I'll be playing one of my riffs and I'll just think of lyrics and a melody while playing it. This is good because the lyrics will flow perfectly with the song and melody since you came up with them that way.
But if you don't already have a riff, I'd just say lyrics first, and mix them up when you have a melody to where they flow better, don't worry about them rhyming, just make them mean something.
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i would write the melody first. To me it's easier to put words to rhythm than rhythm to words. I doubt it's your approach. It helps me if i am actually feeling something to write about. Like, i don't just sit down one day and say, 'hey, i think i'll write a song'. But i don't know. I just think melody should come first.
I like to write lyrics, and as I'm writing them try to find a melody. Once I have a complete set fo lyrics I try to find chords that fit the rhythm and melody of the lyrics. Then write any riffs. Lately I have found myself strumming my guitar and have a few lines come to me from the chord progression, from there I find a melody.
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my bassist writes the lyrics first so he ends up making crappy music, i do the music first but i end up doing crappy lyrics, so, whats gonna work? TEAM WORK
I use many methods. Sometimes I write the lyrics first, I usually do this when I am inspiered by a book or an epic movie or video game. Or some times I will just do alot of research about something ( Ancient Civilizations, Serial Killers) but i would suggest anything that deeply intrests you. Then imagine your self in that place( i often meditate to do this, but that takes extream foucus) with yor guitar. what would you play, and what would you say. This also works when your writting a book, minus the music of course.

But when I am not studying, reading, or on my beloved UG, I hang out with my band and make up riffs for hours at a time. My guitarist is always the one who makes the best riffs ( infact, he is the most talented musician I know ) and then he pretty much dose the whole thing from there. Then we will make up lyrics, usally under the influence of a bottle of Jack.lol.

But what ever best suits you will definetly work out best. Remember, when your trying to write a song, only set your goal as pleasing your self. Thats the best you can do anyway.