Price list & supplies:

1. Titebond wood glue, 1/2" & 3/4" plywood, 1" wood dowel, gloss black latex spray paint
- (already had this stuff in the garage)

2. 3M Super 77 spray adhesive, surge protector, box of 1/2" round head machine screws, box of 1 1/2" black drywall screws, wood filler, zip ties
- (Lowes) $27

3. 8 amp corners, 2 breakaway hinges, 2 key lockable luggage drawbolts, heavy duty spring loaded handle, 1 yard of speaker cabinet carpet, 2 rubber feet
- (http://www.reliablehardware.com) $25

Total cost ~$52, took about 12 hours of work

As for the build I cut out the plywood with a circular saw. A table saw would have made things easier and made smoother cuts/less sanding but I don't have one. Word to the wise ... if making a pedalboard like this build a solid box, and then mark & cut the top off. I wasted a bunch of time making extra cuts (and having to do tons of extra sanding) due to constructing the top and bottom of the case separately. Also using a table saw would have made smoother cuts and required less sanding. The front and back of the case are 3/4" plywood because they have the extra stress of the handle, clasps, and hinges. All the rest of the case is 1/2" plywood. The 3/4" is probably overkill though, 1/2" would probably be fine for everything. Everything is glued together with Titebond (brutally strong wood glue) and screwed together with 1 1/2" drywall screws. I used the wood dowels for the little platform because they allow more room for cabling to snake around them. The drywall screws make everything real sturdy but did require more finish work. Not all of the screw heads made it below the flat plane of the wood and some had to be ground down during sanding.

Once the box was done I used wood filler to fill in the screw heads and any imperfections in the plywood. Then tons of sanding with a belt sander and orbital sander. Next came spray painting the inside of the box black. Then I carpeted the top and bottom (the 3M Super 77 works great) and cut off the inside carpet edges with a utility knife. The hardware went on next. It's all done now except for one of the clasps. (Reliable Hardware sent the wrong one but are sending a replacement in the mail) The two rubber feet are on the bottom back of the board to make it tilt forward slightly. I'm thinking about carpeting the shelf but haven't decided yet. The carpet maybe doesn't look as good as tolex, but I've heard tolex is hard to apply and it's more expensive. Also the carpet does not show scratches and dents and the seams are easier to get right. The carpet can pick up dust and grit and stuff on the floor, but my only "gig" for now is playing at a church once or twice a week and the floor there is super clean.

I'm still trying to decide how to hold the pedals down, and am leaning towards getting a piece of pegboard and spraying it black. Then using zipties to hold all the pedals down, and the whole thing could be lifted out easily. I don't like velcro. I'm probably going to fill the top of the case with egg crate foam. The pedals are powered by a Godlyke 1700 ma power supply with leads for 6 pedals. The Digitech RP350 runs through my effects loop for modulation/time based effects, noisegate, volume pedal, floor tuner, and EQ functions. Basically the RP350 is just replacing a bunch of pedals I would have otherwise run through the effects loop. The other pedals are run in front of the amp. Please let me know if you have any ideas on cable management or how to attach the pedals. At the least I'm going to have to get a couple new patch cables. Anyways here are some pics:

Great job.
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Nice. Wanna build me one?

LOL, this took too long to build. Now I need to get back to working on becoming a better player.
W00t thats nice, i wish i could build one for £26

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