Ok I want a guitar for warm clean jazz type tones, but I don't want to spend much money. I was thinking, Buy an old harmony archtop and put in a neck mount jazz pickup. Never done anything with archtops before, anything I need to be aware of?
The original harmony guitar company of Chicago went under circa 1975, I believe - I think they sold the name to asian guitar makers and everything new is totally unrelated...

Depends on the sort of craftsmanship you're willing to put in, it should be minimally invasive I suppose, but any pots you want would need to be drilled and subsequent wiring would be a huge pain to wire through the body. Why not buy one of the old harmony/kay/silvertones with a neck pickup already installed?
ya know, funny enough, harmony is still in business. they were purchsed by some dude... i dont know where they're made but they look to be alright guitars... i wouldn't say they're top notch but they look decent...

i did some digging... theyre made in korea... if it's good enough for gibson it's good enough for anyone I suppose.

my first acousic was a half sized harmony from JC Penny
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If the fretboard extends over the body with space under it, you can install a floating pickup which wouldn't require any evasive work.
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