[/start little story] So I use these nylon dunlop 1mm because I kinda like the attack of this pick and if feels alright. So I'm playing guitar, normaly, and after a while the side kinda get's unshaped and it messes up my tone and it feels bad when playing. So I take another of these... And unfrotunatly it god scratched like after some couple of seconds... Normaly they last alot or else I go buy some of those again

Alright I take another one... It scratches it's side again....

I take another one again... it ends up in so food. some bastard forgot to take it away..

I go clean it, I LOOSE IT SOMEWHERE dammit

I take ANOTHER one... good, it doesnt get messed up again.

And I end up loosing it...

I go get another one, I don't have anymore of them...

I go buy, OUT OF STOCK... It's been almost a month that they are out of stock of these wtf??? I just bought 6 of these like a week+ ago and I had to buy them separatly... [/end little story]

Anyone recommends me a similar pick that has the same tone or attack, I prefer it beeing thick but not too much.

I don't use tortex dunlops because the ysound a bit scratchy... And I play a little bit angled.
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Ever tried dunlop Jazz iii's? I used to use nylon 1mm's, but Now I use jazz iii's. They take a little while to get used to, but they are pretty sweet. Also, try clayton 1mm picks. I used to use those as well.

**** yes! use these i ****ing love these pix
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Blame the pick gnomes
they are becoming more ballsy apparently
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Man, every music store is always out of those dunlop nylons.

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Well since everyone's talking about those jaz iii picks, i might try them =P

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Man, every music store is always out of those dunlop nylons.

what pisses me of is that they always have other sized nylon... like those grey ones i think .84mm and other stuff
Jazz IIIs are awesome picks, although they take a while to get used to. I personally like the black nylon ones the most.
Why do Jazz III's always come in a pack?I've been intending to get one just to try but the local music store sells them in a pack.
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Why do Jazz III's always come in a pack?I've been intending to get one just to try but the local music store sells them in a pack.

Well I don't know if you can do this at your local store but at my local store I can ask a salesman if i acn buy picks at unity/separatly. But it generaly costs higher or even really higher than buying them in a pack.
I use Dunlop Matchpicks; they came in a matchbook of six, and, as far as I know, went out of production years ago. I have four or five left; one's brand new and I can't even use it because it's too big and not ground down like the others. I put them in a little tin for good luck. I'm gonna be bummed when these are gone.

I've seen that Clayton has some AWESOME Dawn of the Dead/Texas Chainsaw/Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday the 13th styles, but I'm a spoiled brat and need grips on my picks. I'm thinking I'll try those Brain picks one of these days; they look like roughly the same thing.
Mmmmm Anyone knows the big difference btw brain picks and jaz iii picks? I never tried out both of them.
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Brain picks are a different company, very similar to dunlop nylons. Jazz iii's are a very small, thick, pointy pick made by dunlop.

Well I just found jazz iii picks in my magic pick box [yes, it really is *magic*] [well it has tons of kinds of picks inside] and i think it's too small kinda. It like makes you think about beeing too precise and this and that. But maybe I'll still try them out for a while.

Or else I'll get braaaaaaaaaaaain picksssss
I swear by Jazz III's. It takes a brutally long time for them to wear out. Love em.