I hav a cheap-o esteban les paul knock-off. it's a really bad guitar. If u play a chord on the 12 fret or higher, it sounds out of tune. any suggestions?
Try tuning it or changing the strings.
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Sounds like you need to fix your intonation.

i do. i've been tryin to fix it for a REALLY long time.
Well then you've probably just not been knowing what you're doing and making it worse, you need a good tuner and you need to know how to adjust it, if you feel it's worth it get it set up by a luthier.
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get a new guitar :P

i have a ****ty guitar too, epiphone les paul special II, i'm gonna be replacing it soon
Yeah, take it to have it set up. Or, if it really is that bad and you don't like it, get a new one.
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