So, I've decided on trying this 21-day program on two songs... now they are kind of polar opposites.

Children of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet?
One of my favorite songs but incredibly hard and fast for my playing level. But I have a Boss Micro BR which can actually reduce the tempo of a song without affecting pitch. So it will def help me with the 21-day challenge.


Metallica - One
A song I am not so crazy about but still like. It's slower, appeals to more people and also a longer song so it will help kind of compensate for the speed of COB and train my memory for learning tabs. (Something that's very difficult for me, bad short term memory...)

So? A song I love that might require me to give up because of it's difficulty, or a nicer song that has it's pro's and con's.

Any honest help is greatly appreciated,
Thanks UG

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fucik walking run....why dont you just learn both? youll get overjust going crazy with one song learn them both, just learn certain riffs at a time
Pick whichever you feel like learning. The COB song will definatly take a lot more time tho, so make sure you slow it down to the best you can, and slowly raise as you get better.

There's no harm in playing a COB song if you slow it down to Metallica song's tempo, for example.
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