That's the amp right there (not mine).

So my brother left home to live and tour South and Central America for the next few months. He dropped tons of stuff at my Mom's house, including his Strat, his Fender Deluxe 112, an 8-track recorder, and an acoustic guitar. Now I have twice the musical set up I did last week, but only until he gets back.

I am going to sell my amp (Peavey Bandit 112) and use his until he returns. By that time, I will have money saved up for a tube amp. The problem is, him and his buddy blew his speaker by plugging in an electric drum set to the amp.

My question is, what speaker would be right for the amp? I don't want to spend too much (under $50 if possible) considering it isn't my amp, and this money will come from my new amp fund. Thanks.
Well I just found an exact replacement speaker on musiciansfriend for $50, so I might just go with that unless someone can suggest a better 4ohm speaker for under that price.
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What speaker?

Well I was looking at a Fender replacement speaker for $50, but if someone can suggest something better for around that price I'd probably go with that.